Every pricing option includes all of our class formats. Try a Reformer class one day, and Barre another! The choice is yours. Our memberships are no-contract so try one as long as you like with no commitment (See below*).

First-time class (new students only) $10

Single Class $22

Single Class for Members $15

10 Class Pack (3-month expiration) $179

*8 Classes a Month Membership $139

*12 Classes a Month Membership $179

*Monthly Unlimited Membership $199

Pilates Classes for Seniors (age 65+) $14 per class

Private Sessions or Nutrition Counseling:

1 private $75 (cash price $65)

5 privates $365

10 privates $700

1 semi-private $45 (cash price $40)

5 semi-privates $215

*Memberships can be cancelled with 30 days notice. There are no fees to start or stop memberships. 24-hour cancellation policy for all classes and services. We offer the best customer service and individualized instruction.

My body continues to transform like never before. I attribute my body transformation to 90% Pilates of Eastlake and 10% to having a good diet. I am Sooo grateful to the instructors; I have definition in my body that I never dreamed possible! I am getting sculpted arms and becoming the leanest I have ever been. Friends have commented that my rear end looks like Iā€™m 20 years old! Pilates is not only such an amazing work out, its also sexy!! Get the body of your dreams, go to Pilates of Eastlake!! Your destined for results if you go!!ā€ - Melissa, student

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