Pilates Apparatus Privates



Private Sessions include exercises on all of our apparatus. Sessions are tailored to your needs and are programed to be the most effective to help you reach your goals. Our expert trainers make sure you are making the most of every minute so that you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Enjoy trying something new!

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Pilates for Back Pain Relief



We offer special post-rehabilitative programs for the neck and spine. This one-on-one therapy is very effective to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, while creating a more mobile and pain-free back. Great care is taken to exercise the entire body in a safe and supported way. Clients report an improvement in mobility and a decrease in pain in only a few sessions. You have heard a lot about how improving core strength can relieve back pain. Now try it for yourself!

It is recommended to have your doctor's clearance before starting an exercise program.

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Nutrition Consult


We want to help you form a diet that is healthy and goal-oriented. Dozens of our students have lost weight and kept it off. Learn the tricks and get a plan to eat right for your lifestyle, not for someone else's. We have lots of delicious recipes and specific ideas that will guide you into becoming healthy with your diet, while still enjoying your favorite foods!

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